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Sunday, September 9, 2012

How To Add Zippers to Side Pockets of Jalie 2796

Cut zipper tape slightly longer than the width of the top side pieces. I used #2.5 zipper tape with locking pulls. 

Add Wonder Tape to the bottom edge of back of zipper tape.

Turn zipper tape over,  align top edge of zipper tape (the edge WITHOUT Wonder Tape) with top edge of side pieces, press to stick tape to fabric. Trim excess zipper tape.

Stitch two rows along lower edge of zipper tape, moving the zipper pull behind presser foot along the way but do not push it off the edge of the zipper tape. 

Turn top side pieces over and trim extra fabric above stitching.

Add Wonder Tape to top edge of back of zipper tape.

Align top side pieces to lower side pieces, press to stick top of zipper tape to fabric below, and pin.

Stitch two rows along upper edge of zipper tape. Continue per pattern instructions to sew upper and lower side pieces together.


  1. Thanks for posting the instructions. I will have to gice this a try on my next pair of these! Love your versions of the skort.

  2. You are very welcome and thanks for your kind comment.