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Monday, September 30, 2013

Another Kwik Sew 2615 Vest: REVERSIBLE Version

I am very pleased with how this reversible vest turned out. The Kwik Sew 2615 pattern has instructions for lining and it required just a couple of changes to convert a lining into another right side. Changes:

1. Cut the collar as two pieces, one from each fabric, instead of one piece from the outer fabric that is folded in half at the top. 
2. Used a reversible zipper from stash. 
3. Added flat piping along the front shoulder seams, front side seams, and the top collar edge. The back  vest pieces wraps around to the front, so those 4 seams are the main seams.
4. Bound the bottom and armhole edges with a woven bias binding instead of 4-way stretch lycra knit.

The black and white fabric is a fairly loose cotton woven purchased from the local shop Homespun in 2012.  

The solid black was a scrap from stash of Portabella poly microfiber. It's sueded on one side and satin-like on the other. I put the sueded side out. The armholes are 45-degree bias and the flat piping at seam  lines are a 60-degree bias. It needed to have a bit of give for the slightly curved front seams, but I was just working with the scrap on hand.

The lavender side is cotton French terry knit also purchased from Homespun I think a few years ago.


  1. Very smart looking vest - or is it vests?

  2. Thanks so much Joy! I appreciate your vestive humor.